Graphic and Website Designer

Speaking in color and dreaming in code...

Hi! My name is Sarry San and I'm a freelance graphic designer who loves to design and build websites. Nothing beats waking up, sipping on some decaf and getting ready for the day while blaring some great tunes.

How it all began

Born in the warm sunny climate of California Graphic Designer, Web DeveloperI enjoyed my first few years climbing my plum tree, drawing, and feeding my addiction for Mickey Mouse popsicles. I later moved with my family to the east coast. At the early age of 5, my creative talents had trouble going unnoticed. Continuously doodling, many questioned whether I was the true mastermind behind all my childlike, yet sophisticated artwork. My mom was called in for a conference and that was the beginning of Sarry San the artist.

Life changing decisions

After my high-school graduation, I never dreamt of leaving my hometown. One day it hit me and I knew my talents were needed elsewhere. I decided to move to Clearwater FL. where I could live rent free and have all the hot water my little New England heart desired. Thank you aunty Kim (Mah Meang) and uncle Tony/Sam (Phou Ohwn) for taking me in. I attended the International Academy of Design and Technology of Tampa and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.

Pre and Post graduation I have had the opportunity to work at various places and have met all sorts of people. My work history varies from working as a store clerk at the mall, a dish washer, line cook, hostess, waitress, check verifier, data processor, graphic designer, signage designer, web designer, technical assistant to front-end web developer. I would not take that back for anything! I have learned a lot these past several years. Florida has been fun however my time here is up. Thinking a move back to New England to be closer to the family will do some good. Who knows maybe I'll even come back to FL. someday :)

UPDATE: Moved to MA in 2011 and made some amazing memories with my family. Nieces are so grown up and I now have a nephew. Winter of 2015 I said goodbye to my best friend Cooper the Jack Russell, I'm still not quite the same but I love to celebrate the joy he brought into this world. Love my fam like crazy but realizing my heart was in Tampa I decided to move back Fall of 2016. Currently enjoying life and continuing to make more memories and now I have a new Jack Russell named Dexter. Maybe Denver or Seattle will be my next stop. I'm open to suggestions ;)


Thanks To Many Cooper San Groover

I love playing with my RC Traxxas Rustler... I also enjoy raw organic cashews and brisk walks towards my fridge.